Dyson and Imperial College London produce the next generation robots

Since 2014 The Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College, led by Professor Andrew Davison and Dr Stefan Leutenegger, has developed computer vision programmes that enable robots to move beyond traditionally controlled environments and successfully navigate the real world.

Developing robots that can process visual information in real-time could lead to a new range of handy and helpful autnonmous robots for around the home and in industry.

The collaboration, which fits with Dyson's plans to develop new robotic technology, comes at a time when other major technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft are buying up artificial intelligence and robotics companies in an effort to move toward the next generation of intelligent computing for the home and work.

Apart from their commitment to funding and supporting a team of robotics experts at Imperial, Dyson act as a keystone partner, having established the Dyson School of Design Engineering in July 2014.  Together Imperial and Dyson continues to advance the frontiers of state-of-the-art engineering.