ptbnet is an international network of paediatricians promoting clinical orientated research  in the field of childhood tuberculosis by sharing and developing ideas and research protocols.

 The aims of the network are:

  • to enhance the understanding of the pediatric aspects of active and latent tuberculosis

  • to facilitate collaborative research studies for childhood TB in Europe

  • to provide expert opinion through excellence in science and teaching

  • to harmonise health care delivery/approaches within Europe

  • to establish an evidence base for diagnosis and treatment of TB in children


The group has annual meetings and is currently setting up a shared database system, which will facilitate clinical trials amongst its members.

Ptbnet is represented on the steering committee of TBnet and is already conducting a number of ongoing collaborative research studies between the members.

We have set up a ptbnet members forum via a google group e-mail address where we regularly exchange case discussions and information relevant to pediatric TB and the network members, incl meeting reports, guideline and practice discussions. Each country has a dedicated country representative who can be contacted by prospective new members who might wish to join.

The ptbnet (pediatric branch of the TBnet) was established in 2009. It works in close collaborations with the TBnet and is also supported by ESPID and the European pediatric infectious diseases network (PentID). It currently comprises pediatric clinicians, scientists and epidemiologists from 25 countries within Europe. We are working towards a structure where each country will be represented by a core of clinician, epidemiologist and laboratory expert in childhood TB.