If you are interested in working with us please contact Ben Sauer [ben.sauer@imperial.ac.uk], Mike Tarbutt [m.tarbutt@imperial.ac.uk] or Ed Hinds [ed.hinds@imperial.ac.uk].


UROP Summer Placements 

We enjoy taking on a few undergraduate students for summer projects. There is often more demand for these projects than we can accommodate. If you are interested in working with us we ask you to write a short application. In no more than one page, please tell us: 
- what you are interested in 
- what you hope to achieve working in the lab 
- if you have any particular technical expertise, e.g. in optics, electronics, computing or mechanical design (this is not a requirement, since one result of the project might be to learn some of this) 
- if you need to be paid. We have a limited funding for undergraduate research. 

We will make decisions on summer research in March. Please email your application letter to ben.sauer@imperial.ac.uk 


CCM Post-Graduate student opportunities

We currently have studentships available in all of our research areas. These are fully funded and last for three years. Interested applicants are welcome to come to visit the lab, but should contact the group to make the appointment. A lab tour provides an excellent way not only to see our research, but also to meet the group.

The centre for cold matter has postgraduate opportunities (PhD) working within a number of research areas. Principally studies take the form of an extended project over the course of three years, leading towards the writing of a thesis. Presently we have several positions available.

Everyone within CCM is happy to speak to prospective students, so to discuss a details of a particular experiment email the relevant postdoc or student (If in doubt contact Prof. Hinds). To find out about the application procedure or arrange a visit contact Ms. Sanja Maricic, secretary to Prof. Ed Hinds. For detailed information about the group, or more details about the studentships available, contact Prof. Ed Hinds, or Dr Ben Sauer.

As part of Imperial College's QOLS group (Quantum Optics and Laser science), you will gain an in-depth understanding of the field, with regular seminars from prominent researchers. Additionally the physics department offers courses aimed at Masters students which may be attended.

Controlled Quantum Dynamics Centre for Doctoral Training

PhD positions are also available through the Controlled Quantum Dynamics Centre for Doctoral Training

Post-Graduate opportunities in Ion trapping

For more information, please contact Richard Thompson