• Always use the original Imperial logo artwork, completely unaltered, downloadable below. 
  • Never type up your own 'Imperial College London' logo. 
  • Do not create logos for parts of the College or for projects.

logoOur logo is the most valuable asset of our visual identity and an instantly recognisable symbol of the organisation on a global scale. It’s a word marque and reflects who we are in a strong, confident and clear manner. Please ensure that you have read all the guidelines listed below before using the logo, or download a PDF of our Brand Guidelines 2016 (pdf).

Partners and suppliers

If you are a partner organisation or a supplier, please email to request the logo, including:

  • a PDF of a printed document on which it is proposed the logo would appear, or
  • the URL of the webpage on which it is proposed the logo would appear, and
  • the name of your contact at Imperial and details of the project with which you are involved

Please note that we do not provide logos for suppliers' publicity, only for jobs being carried out on behalf of the College. 

Applying the graphic identity

Using the logo

The logo should be used in a clearly protected space. It should not be distorted, stretched, or squeezed, nor recreated in any other typeface.

These elements are of a fixed size and position relative to one another and should not be altered in any way. Never attempt to recreate the logo and always use the master artwork supplied.

The font used in the logo should be used only in the logo. It is NOT the font Meta. Refer to the Fonts section of this branding and style guide for font options for official communications.

Except for business stationary and signage, the two-toned version of the logo is no longer used. The solid logo is the version to be used on all current publications.


Logo sizes

These logo sizes are suggested for the most commonly used paper sizes for either portrait or landscape formats. Please note the logo does not increase in size if your publication is in landscape format.

If your item's size is not shown below calculate the size of the logo as one third of the width of the item in its portrait format.

logo size

 A2 140 mm
A3 99 mm
A4 70 mm
A5 50 mm
A6 47 mm
DL 47 mm

Logo positioning

See our guidelines for creating a clear zone around the logo.


Logo clear zone

In order to display the College Logo to its best effect and ensure maximum impact, a clear zone surrounding the logo has been defined. This is the minimum distance to be kept clear of all other type, graphic elements, rules and detailed areas within images.

If possible, leave more than the minimum.

Do not stretch, distort, alter or recreate the logo in any way.

clear zone

Incorrect logo use

The Imperial College London logo is an important element within our brand that must never be distorted or changed, for example, by altering the colour. The correct logo must be used at all times and can be downloaded. Below are some examples of ways in which the logo might be incorrectly used.


Download the logo

For these logo links to work you will need to logon to the Digital image library beforehand.