Comprised of unique multidisciplinary collaborations between military medical officers and civilian engineers and scientists, the Centre attracts outstanding researchers and students from around the world, all of whom are dedicated to addressing the difficult research issues surrounding blast injury with a clinically-led approach.


Academic Staff

  Arora Dr Hari Arora, Bioengineering
Research Fellow in Lung Mechanics
Bull Professor Anthony Bull, Bioengineering (Centre Director)
Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics, Head of Department of Bioengineering
Clasper Professor (Col) Jon Clasper CBE, Bioengineering
Visiting Professor, Clinical Lead
  Ghajari Dr Mazdak Ghajari, Dyson School of Design Engineering
Jeffers Dr Jonathan Jeffers, Mechanical Engineering
Senior Lecturer
Kozlov Dr Andrei Kozlov, Bioengineering
Lecturer in Auditory Neuroscience and Biophysics
Masouros Dr Spyros Masouros, Bioengineering
Lecturer in Trauma Biomechanics
McGregor Professor Alison McGregor, Surgery & Cancer
Professor of Musculoskeletal Biodynamics
  Phillips Dr Andrew Phillips, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Senior Lecturer
Bill Proud Dr Bill Proud, Physics
Reader in Shock Physics
Sara Rankin
Professor Sara Rankin, National Heart & Lung Institute
Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology
  Reichenbach Dr Tobias Reichenbach, Bioengineering
Lecturer in Biophysics of Hearing and Sensory Neuroscience
Sharp Professor David Sharp, Medicine
Professor of Neurology

Associated Academics


Professor Martyn Boutelle, Bioengineering


Dr Robert Dickinson, Surgery & Cancer
Senior Lecturer

Higgins Dr Claire Higgins, Bioengineering
  Mayhew Dr Emily Mayhew, Bioengineering
Visiting Researcher
  Ramasamy Dr Arul Ramasamy, Bioengineering
Honorary Research Fellow

Research Staff

Harsh Dr Harsh Amin, National Heart & Lung Institute
Heterotopic ossification in the context of blast injuries.
Barnes Dr Spencer Barnes, Mechanical Engineering
Design of a device for distal femur amputation.
  Bruyns-Haylett Dr Michael Bruyns-Haylett, Bioengineering

How blast-induced injury affects the excitation-inhibition balance and its regulation in auditory cortex.

  Carpanen Dr Dilen Carpanen, Bioengineering
Computational blast biomechanics.
Di Federico Dr Erica Di Federico, Bioengineering
Evaluation of the strength of the bone-ligament-bone complex of the lateral collateral knee ligament across loading rates (from physiological to blast) to provide an estimate of the load required through the joint to result in disarticulation.
Ding Dr Ziyun Ding, Bioengineering
Musculoskeletal biomechanics of lower limb blast injuries.
 Donat Dr Cornelius Donat, Medicine
Neuroimaging in animal models of traumatic brain and blast injury.

Grigoriadis Mr Grigorios Grigoriadis, Bioengineering
Characterisation of the response of anthropometric test devices in simulated under-body blast taking into account the posture.
Kadir Dr Shabnam Kadir, Bioengineering
Computational auditory neuroscience and neurostimulation.
Newell Dr Nic Newell, Bioengineering
Biomechanics of spinal blast injuries.
Nguyen Dr Thuy-Tien Nguyen, Physics
Characterisation of a Shock Tube for Blast Injury Studies.
Stinner Dr Daniel Stinner, Bioengineering
Improving outcomes following combat-related extremity trauma.
Tsitouroudi Dr Fani Tsitouroudi, Bioengineering
Heterotopic ossification model-Blast injury associated.

Support Staff

  Burke Dr Emma Burke, Bioengineering
Centre Manager
Satpal Sangha Mr Satpal Sangha, Bioengineering
Mechanical Workshop and Laboratory Technician
  Albright Ms Melanie Albright, Bioengineering
Centre Administrator and Bioengineering Research Administrator



Benjamin Butler Adaptation of models to the study of blast injury. Dr Katherine Brown
Danyal Magnus Dynamic Tension in Biological Tissues Dr Bill Proud
Alexandros Christou Injury mechanisms due to high loading rate axial loading of the human spine. Dr Spyros Masouros
Maj Dafydd Edwards Clinical functional outcome of traumatic amputees. Professor Anthony Bull, Professor Col Jon Clasper
Octave Etard EEG assessment of central auditory disorder in patients with blast-induced traumatic brain injury. Dr Tobias Reichenbach
Matthew Hopkins Smart sockets for blast rehabilitation.
Professor Alison McGregor
Josh Kaufmann Bone health in amputees. Professor Alison McGregor, Dr Andrew Phillips
Richard Pangonis Blast biomechanics of the human head.
Dr Mazdak Ghajari
Sqn Ldr Phill Pearce Mechanisms of torso blast injury. Professor Anthony Bull, Professor Col Jon Clasper
Eduardo Rebelo Modelling of injury and protection of the foot & ankle in mounted blast Dr Spyros Masouros
Marina Saiz Alía Development of an objective diagnosis of hidden hearing loss and application in the armed forces Dr Tobias Reichenbach
Maj Anna Sharrock The generation and function of microvesicles in blast injury.
Professor Sara Rankin
David Sory The effects of load and strain rate on bioogical systems. Dr Bill Proud
Kalpi Vitharana Blast wave transmission through the thorax and the effects on structure within the lung.
Dr Hari Arora
Sqn Ldr Claire Webster Mapping the blast pelvis. Dr Spyros Masouros
Xiancheng Yu Improving helmet design to protect against the effects of blast exposure Dr Mazdak Ghajari
Dan Zaharie Mitigation of hard and soft tissue pelvic injuries. Dr Andrew Phillips