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Biomechanics Group at the Imperial Festival (May 2017)

Over 25,000 people attended this year’s Imperial Festival where we ran an exhibit in collaboration with Julian Jones’s group in Materials. We had over 1,000 visitors who had a go at 3D printing to build their own tissue scaffolds and learned about how super slippery materials are needed to replace damaged and lost cartilage. It was hard work, but a great way to introduce our research area to a wider audience than normal, and also learn from people with different backgrounds.

Imperial Festival



Our bone research on BBC R4 ‘Today’ programme (March 2017)

Shaocheng’s paper on the mechanical properties of bone treated with bisphosphonate was featured on the Today programme on 1 March. Both Richie and Justin were interviewed. The Guardian also reported this study, a link to the article is here. The paper is published in Nature Scientific Reports, to read the article click here.

BBC R4 Today



International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) in Boston (October 2016)

In October, seventeen of us from the group and also Justin’s MSK lab travelled to Boston for the ISTA conference.  It was an excellent event where we shared our latest findings and caught up with old pals.  We left buzzing with excitement and full of ideas.  The gala dinner was particularly good, in the JFK museum.  Here you can see Maria, Ruben, Kiron, Shaocheng and Richard stuck mainly to non-alcoholic drinks…..

group photo 1

group photo 2


New funding for hip biomechanics work (September 2015)

The group has been awarded a £530k grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to investigate how the natural hip protects itself against potentially damaging loads. These can be generated when the direction of the force vector between the femoral head and acetabulum passes close to the edge of the acetabular surface (edge loading).

This research is important for hip joint preserving surgery, which aims to correct joint pathology and prevent osteoarthritis developing, and is performed in young active patients, for example Tyson Gay and Lady Gaga have had this type of surgery.  It is also important for total hip replacement, where edge loading is a known complication.  During this research we will investigate ways to restore the biomechanics of the hip ligaments after surgery to restore this self-protecting mechanism.  Further details can be found here




This week saw the 2nd move in a year for The Biomechanics Group. We are now safely installed in our brand new laboratory and office spaces on the 7th floor of The City & Guilds Building. It's a fantastic research space and we look forward to lots of exciting work being done in the near future in our new home. Come up and say hello!

The new biomechanics lab



Japanese Field Trip! (July 2015)

Maria Parkes is currently in Japan, where, amongst lots of other things, is presenting some of her work to research groups over there.

Here she is at the University of Tokyo in Professor Ishihara's Group:



International Society of Biomechanics (July 2015)

Diogo Geraldes represented the Biomechanics Group in Glasgow at ISB 2015. As well as lots of tweeting (find him here) he also did two podium presentations.



European Society of Biomechanics (July 2015)

Ran Sopher, Maria Parkes and Piers Milner all presented at ESB in Prague, where their work generated lots of interest.

Imperial goes to Prague (July 2015)

Good luck to Maria Parkes, Piers Milner and Ran Sopher who are all presenting their work at the European Society of Biomechanics annual meeting in Prague.

Albert Trillat Young Investigator's Award (June 2015)

Many congratulations to Christoph Kittl, alumnus of The Biomechanics Group, who was awarded the Albert Trillat Young Investigator's Award at the recent ISAKOS Congress in Lyon, France, for his research that he conducted here at Imperial. This award provides recognition for a young researcher who has done outstanding clinical laboratory research contributing to the understanding, care or prevention of injuries to the knee.

Christoph's presentation was entitled: The Role of the Anterolateral Structures and the ACL in Controlling Internal Rotational Knee Laxity.

News archive

Congratulations to Richard van Arkel (April 2015)

Many congratulations to Richard who passed his PhD viva on 23rd April.

British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) (March 2015)

Four members of the group (Jo Stephen, Kiron Athwal, Camilla Halewood and Christoph Kittl) presented at this year's BASK conference - in front of an audience which was 90% surgeons! They even managed to get home after the dinner depsite railings getting in their way....

Congratulations to Air (Chamaiporn) Sukjamsri (March 2015)

Many congratulations to Air who passed her PhD viva on 25th March

Congratulations to Richard van Arkel (July 2014)

Many congratulations to Biomechanics PhD student Richard van Arkel who has won the Student Biomecanics Award at the upoming International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty conference in Kyoto. His presentation is entitled:

"The capsular ligaments provide more hip rotational stability that the acetabular labrum and the ligamentum teres"

Well done Rich!

New (temporary) laboratory (July 2014)

The Biomechanics Group has finished its lab relocation to the 2nd floor of the City & Guilds Building. We will be there for a year or so before moving to permananent facilities on the 7th floor.

Imperial goes Dutch (May 2014)

No fewer than 6 of the Biomechanics Group presented their work at the annual meeting of ESSKA in Amsterdam.

Congratulations to Kiron Athwal (April 2014)

Many congratulations to Biomechanics PhD student Kiron Athwal who won the best poster prize at the British Association for Sugery of the Knee annual conference in Norwich on 8th-9th April. His poster was entitled:

"In vitro evaluation of knee kinematics and soft tissue restraint using a robotic system".

Well done Kiron!

Imperial Publishes on the Anterolateral Ligament (March 2014)

The Biomechanics Group has explained the ALL and its function in this paper link published in the latest issue of the Bone & Joint Journal.

Congratulations to Dr Stephen (March 2014)

Many congratulations to Jo Stephen who passed her PhD viva on 24th March.

Biomechanics Group goes Dutch (February 2014)

6 members of the Biomechanics Group will be presenting their work at the ESSKA Congress in Amsterdam from May 14th-17th. They join Andrew Amis who is opening the Congress with his highlight lecture entitled "How biomechanics can improve orthopaedic clinical practice". 

Congratulations to Dr Lumpaopong (January 2014)

Many congratulations to Pam Lumpaopong who passed her PhD viva on 10th January. We wish her all the best for her future career as an academic in Thailand!

IMechE Knee Conference (November 2013)

Jonathan Jeffers organised a fantastic conference at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on 11-12th November 2013. Knee Surgery and Rehabilitation in 2013: How is engineering driving improved treatement? featured brilliant keynote speakers, including Peter Walker, Fares Haddad, Peter Verdonk and Andrew Amis, and some excellent free papers including one from our newest post-doc, Tom Correa. We were kept informed, entertained (and well fed) over the two days and learnt lots!

The Biomechanics Group hits 30 (October 2013)

With the arrival of 3 more members in October, the group now consists of 31 members of staff and research students (With more on the way). Welcome to Christoph, Tom and Piers. Would you like to join us? Cick here for our current opportunities.

Congratulations to George Lim (June 2013)

George’s final year undergraduate project entitled ‘The Effects of Osteocyte Morphology on Bone Mechanosensation’ has been selected for presentation at the upcoming Combined Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Societies in Vienna in October 2013.  His project was a mechanical and poroelastic finite element based study that found that strains, and fluid velocities and pressures are higher in spherical osteocytes and their dendritic processes compared to elongated osteocytes.  In animal models, osteocytes in non-load bearing bones, e.g. t he skull, are more spheroid in morphology compared to those in loadbearing bones.  The project therefore supports the hypothesis that osteocytes change their morphology to minimise strain/fluid velocity/fluid pressure.  This has implications in the study of osteoporotic bone and treatments for osteoporosis.  This project was part of an ongoing collaboration with the Department of Bioengineering and represents a  terrific achievement for George, but will only have limited benefit in his graduate career in the Republic of Singapore Air Force!



welcome to new members (April 2013)

Welcome to 4 new members!

Hamidreza Alidousti, Diogo Geraldes, James Glover and Tressa Amirthanayagam&nbsp who will all be working on the Shoulder project. We wish them well in their research!

Biomechanics group awarded research support from EPSRC (April 2013)

Jonathan Jeffers, a lecturer in the group, was delighted to be awarded a prestigious 5-year EPSRC Fellowship, worth £1 million.  ; This award will allow him to develop an exciting new intervention for the treatment of cartilage damage or early stage osteoarthritis using the latest materials and manufacturing technology.  Further details on this good news can be found on the EPSRC Grants on the Web facility

Welcome to new members (March 2013)

The Biomechanics Group gained two new members on Monday 11th March:

Aditi Augustine who works for Stanmore Implants Worldwide and will be doing a part-time PhD with the group on additive layer manufacturing.

Breck Lord, a surgical registrar who will be doing an MD with us, lookin g at ACL re construction methods.

We wish them well with their projects!

Congratulations to Ben Desai (March 2013)

Congratulations to Ben Desai who did his final year project in the group in the 2011-2 academic year.  His final year project “A back support brace as a training aid to decrease gym user’s risk of back injury” won the TWI Prize for Best Sports, Healthcare and Wellbeing Technology Project at the 25th IMechE Annual Student Project Competition in February 2013. 



3 New Post-Docs Appointed (February 2013)

The group is looking forward to welcoming 3 new post-doctoral research associates who will be working on the shoulder project.

Wellcome Trust Award (October 2012)

The Wellcome Trust has awarded a prestigious Translation Award to Imperial College London to fund a multi-disciplinary team for four years to design, develop, and introduce into clinical practise a technologically ground-breaking Total Shoulder Replacement System. This exciting project will be run by a team of engineers and orthopaedic surgeons with expertise in biomechanics, implant design and manufacture, computer-assisted surgery, etc. We are seeking to recruit a post-doctoral research associate to support this project. There will be a focus on the goal of delivering into a clinical evaluation a well-developed and tested, yet truly innovative, system of implants and related instruments, supported by relevant wear and fixation testing, smart instruments allied to novel surgical approaches, etc. This project is supported by str ong industrial collaboration s and will include a clinical study in the latter stages. We are seeking enthusiastic applicants with both strong academic track records and also evidence of working happily in collaborations across disciplines, ideally “from the test bench to the bedside”. 

Welcome to Biomechanics News (September 2012)

We will try and keep this page updated with newsworthy events!