PCB workshop

The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology hosts a PCB Workshop that includes the full prototyping flow for the design, fabrication and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB). 

Location: Bessemer Building, B505 (Institute of Biomedical Engineering)

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The workshop includes software for the design, simulation and layout of printed circuit designs. The design is then imported to the CNC milling machine for the engraving of PCB track work and drilling in copper laminate. The fabricated PCB can then be enhanced using our immerse tin plating bath and solder-mask printing tool kit. EquipmentSMD and leaded components can then be assembled to the circuit board using the pick-and-place system. The populated circuit board can then be processed in the reflow oven to achieve uniform, reliable soldering.


  • LPKF H60 CNC Milling/Drilling machine
  • LPKF Protoflow
  • LPKF Protoplace



We shall be routinely (each 2-3 months) organising PCB workshop training sessions demonstrating the entire PCB fabrication flow (from Gerber file to complete PCB). Priority will be given to those that have not yet attended a training session. Training will commence at 10am and last approximately 1.5 hours. If enough people request training we will additionally schedule an afternoon session.