The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology hosts a Cleanroom Suite for CMOS post-processing, packaging and microfluidics.

Location: Bessemer Building, B516-520

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Cleanroom suite The Centre has a suite of two ISO class 6 cleanrooms (equivalent to US standards class 1000). These have been designed to support CE Marking/FDA approvals, to class 100/1000 to develop biosensor devices, electrode and microfluidic fabrication and packaging/post-processing of CMOS chips. The largest room, the ‘yellow’ room, houses most of the fabrication tools/processes and all relevant inspection and measurement facilities. This includes photolithography (SUSS MA6/BA6), sputtering/evaporation for film deposition of metals/oxides (BOC Edwards Auto 500), surface characterisation (Veeco Dektak 6M stylus profiler), plasma chamber, wet and dry benches, parylene conformal coating (SCS parylene deposition), microscopy and wirebonding.

Cleanroom suite


  • Suss Microtec MA6/BA6 mask aligner and bond aligner
  • BOC Edwards Auto 500 coating system
  • Veeco Dektak 6M stylus profiler stage