Applied and Numerical Analysis Group Members

Academic Staff

Name Research AreasEmail
Prof John Barrett Analysis and Finite Element Approximation of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. Free Boundary Problems. Email this person
Prof Jeff Cash Numerical solution of ODEs Boundary value problems and initial value problems. Geometric Integration. Email this person
Prof José A. Carrillo Kinetic and Nonlinear aggregation-diffusion equations: modelling, analysis, numerics and simulation. Kinetic and Diffusive Models in Mathematical Biology. Optimal Transport. Email this person
Dr Colin Cotter My general interests are in Computational Modelling and Numerical Analysis. Some current specific interests are: Numerical methods for climate, weather prediction and ocean modelling, Computational anatomy. Email this person
Prof Pierre Degond Collective dynamics, decision making and self-organization in complex systems coming from biology and social sciences. Email this person
Dr Robert Nurnberg Numerical Analysis, (Nonlinear) Partial Differential Equations, Finite Element Approximations, Geometric Evolution Equations, and Scientific Computing. Email this person
Prof Greg Pavliotis Homogenization theory; Inertial particles; Stochastic differential equations.

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PostDoctoral Researchers

NameResearch Areas
 Dr Sara Merino Aceituno Fractional diffusion phenomena arising from microscopic models, self-organised systems. Email this person
Dr Pedro Aceves Sanchez  
 Dr Ewelina Zatorska Nonlinear PDEs in fluid dynamics: singular limits, existence and regularity theory. Email this person

Former Members

 Dr Yanghong Huang University of Manchester
Dr Michela Ottobre Heriot-Watt University
 Dr Hui Yu  RWTH Aachen University
 Dr Stephan Martin  Software Company
Dr. Young-Pil Choi Inha University, South Korea