The MSc Environmental Technology combines the natural and social sciences in a truly interdisciplinary manner, providing a foundation for graduates to demonstrate their ability to identify and resolve environmental and sustainability issues in a holistic way. This broad training is followed by an in-depth education in many specialised areas, maintaining the course's interdisciplinary nature. The specialist options in the second term are designed to cater for a variety of individual interests and career requirements.

The course provides students with different options to build on their undergraduate degree, by allowing them to specialise in an area of particular interest, convert undergraduate knowledge to a different setting, differentiate for the job market and learn specific techniques and tools for research and management.

One such option is Water Management on which Anglian Water provides various specialist lectures to the students. This enables students to learn from practitioners about management, funding and problems facing water companies. One piece of coursework is also in collaboration Anglian Water and involves a site visit to some of their treatment plants.

For several years Imperial have been successfully running an MSc placement programme with Anglian Water. The programme involves attending the MSc Environmental Technology - Water Management Option  full time for 1 year including a placement at Anglian Water for 6 months  (summer term), or part-time over two years (completing the first two semesters in year one and then working on  6-months full-time equivalent  spread out pro-rata over the remainder 16 month period  from Anglian Water's Innovation team (a two year programme in total).  To find out more click here.

To find out more about the MSc Environmental Technology course click here.