Some media cover on our work on actuated membrane wings:


11.06.2015: A £1.5M collaborative project to improve the performance of wind farms has been approved by EPSRC. We will be building numerical models of dynamic loads on turbine blades due to the wakes. Link to announcement in the college news.


20.01.14 The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) will be funding a PhD studentship to investigate new approaches to aeroservoelastic optimization.


31.12.13 It was a busy half-year of graduations. We had three successful vivas for Henrik Hesse (23 July), Sara Arbos i Torrent (12 August) and Julian Dizy (12 December). Henrik is moving to the Automatic Control Lab at ETH, Sara has already started as lecturer at UPC, in Barcelona, and Julian is still busy in London writing his corrections. Congratulations to all three of them for their very successful work.

03.07.13 Julian Dizy has won the best student paper award in this year's EUCASS conferencewith a paper on "Shear Effects in the Homogenization of Slender Composite Wings".

17.05.13 A proposal to EPSRC for a 3-year research project to investigate Vortex-Induced-Vibrations using high-fidelity computational tools has been successful. This is collaboration with Brunel University and the University of Southampton.

07.01.13 Salvatore Maraniello has joined the group. His PhD is sponsored by a prestigious EPSRC Prize studentship and will be on aeroelastic optimization of wind turbine rotors. 


29.11.12 A paper by Henrik Hesse is the third hottest article in Computers & Structures

01.11.12 Stefano Buoso has joined our group as PhD student. He will be working on actuated membrane wing modelling. Welcome, Stefano!

29.06.12 A paper by Joseba Murua is currently the "hottest article" at the Journal of Fluids and Structures.

17.05.12. Robbie is now Dr Cook! Congratulations!  Dr Cook will be joining Stirling Dynamics.

11.05.12. Joseba is now Dr Murua. Congratulations! Dr Murua will be joining the University of Surrey.

27.04.12. Julian Dizy has received the Lockheed Martin Best Student Paper Award at the AIAA Structural Dynamics Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

His article is available at the Imperial College Digital Repository. A journal version has appeared in the IJSS.



01.09.11: Rob Simpson has joined our group as doctoral student. Welcome, Rob!

23.05.11: Prof. Moti Karpel, from Technion, will be a RAEng Distinguished Visiting Fellow with us during the next few weeks.

15.04.11: Joseba Murua's paper on deformable aerofoils is top download from the College repository. The final journal version of that work has been published.