The Provost requires that Business Continuity Plans and supporting procedures:

  • Establish a common, university wide process for the identification of critical activities

  • Are embedded within everyday management of the College

  • Are owned by line management, throughout the College

  • Are adequately documented

  • Are tested as appropriate

  • Adopt a common terminology in relation to Business Continuity Planning

Director of Risk Management

The Director of Risk Management has overall responsibility for Business Continuity Management processes.

He will:

  • Maintain the College’s Business Continuity processes

  • Maintain Crisis Management Group Headquarters and Battle Boxes

  • Develop and implement a training plan to maintain an appropriate level of expertise

  • On medical campuses ensure that College Business Continuity plans are compatible with NHS Trust Plans

Heads of Academic and Support Departments/Divisions/SIDs/ICU

Heads of academic and support service Departments are responsible for implementing and maintaining Business Continuity Planning across their respective Departments/Divisions/SIDs and for ensuring that these are reviewed biennially.

To execute this responsibility they should:

  • Undertake an Activity Impact Analysis of their department’s activities (See Activity Impact Analysis)

  • Implement the resilience measures identified by the Activity Impact Analysis

    • If necessary, they should engage the assistance of the appropriate Support Service Division to assist in implementing appropriate measures

  • Monitor the implementation of the identified resilience measures

  • Inform members of their department who may be required to assist during an incident of this requirement and require them to provide their 24 x7 contact details to their Building Manager.

  • Undertake a biennial review of their critical activities, call out lists and measures to mitigate the impact of an incident

Campus Directors

 On medical campuses, for incidents that involve the emergency services and/or the media and/or access to the site, it is probable that the site NHS Trust will manage the overall incident and be the primary point of contact for the emergency services and media.  It is thus important that the College is represented by a person of authority that understands the overall College position on that particular campus.  In this case the Campus Director will be required to act as the College senior Point of Contact with the Trust.  They will be advised by the College Crisis Management Group (CMG) and will be responsible for informing the strategic direction and priorities of the CMG whilst representing the strategic interests of the College to the NHS Trust.   

Building managers

In support of Business Continuity Building Managers are responsible for the maintenance of the agreed call out list for their buildings (See Call out Lists – Hyper Link)

Line Management

All staff must take normal management action to assess and mitigate risks at all times and build an appropriate level of resilience, to allow expeditious recovery from an incident, into their activities.  The existence of a Business Continuity Plan does not exempt them from this responsibility.

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