Useful contacts for Data protection and Freedom of Information.


Data Protection Co-ordinators

Each Department/Division in the College has a local Data Protection Co-ordinator who should be the first point of contact for all Data Protection queries.

The role of the Data Protection Co-ordinator is to:

  1. maintain a register of all databases and relevant filing systems containing personal information held in a Department/Division/Centre, the origin of this information, the purposes for which it is used and the details of disclosures that are expected to be made and to provide the College Data Protection Officer with a summary of this register and any changes made to it;
  2. advise staff and students in a Department/Division/Centre on the implementation of and compliance with the College Data Protection Policy and on the observance of the associated codes of practice.

The College Data Protection Officer is Jessica Silver (j.silver/ x49903).

Academic Departments

Academic Departments DP Co-ordinators



Molly Ip
Bioengineering Graeme Rae
Cell & Molecular Biology Nick Franks
Chemical Engineering Zoe Townsend
Chemistry Dr Helen Sharman
Civil Engineering Lindsey Anne Cumming


Silvana Zappacosta

Design Engineering

Sarah Wissing
Centre for Environmental Policy Karen Lyle
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mr David Winstanley

Earths Science and Engineering

Jan Cilliers
Humanities Claire Stapley

Business School

Jon Tucker
Materials Steve Aldous

Mathematics Chris Sisson
Mechanical Engineering Claire Soulal
Life Sciences Pat Evans

Physics Vivienne Frater
Wye Campus Carol Jovanovic

Medical Departments

Faculty of Medicine DP Co-ordinators

Department of Medicine  Antonio Mateiro
National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) Richard Mattin .uk
School of Public Health Matt Heger
Department of Surgery and Cancer Charlie O'Rourke
MRC Clinical Sciences Centre Sharon Citrone


Centre DP Co-ordinators

Educational Development Unit Aoife McCarthy 

Blyth Centre for Music & Visual Arts

Andrea Robins
Centre for Professional Development Ulrika Wernmark

Administration Admini stration DP Co-ordinators





Anne Barrett




Central Library

Nova Larch

Early Years Education Centre

Tina Moloney


Tony Regan

Disability Advisory Service

Linda Romain

Facilities / Estates

Nick Roalfe





Sarah Shemilt



Jessica Silver

Human Resources

Pippa Chalmers


Matthew Williams

IC Union

Malcolm Martin

Occupational Health

Celine Jaquet

Strategic Planning

Jamiel Collier


Henry Rotherg


Joanne Harlow

Research Services

Mrs C Lai

Safety Department

Sangita Kerai




Campus Services

Mrs Mickie Turner-Goble

Student Recruitment and Outreach

Mr Ryan Abbt


Ivona Ryan

Faculty HQ DP Co-ordinatorsFaculty Headquarters



Clare Pearson
Medicine Valentina Kskhafa
Natural Sciences Mary Scott


Freedom of Information - Records Managers

Each Department/Division in the College has a local Records Manager.

Faculty / Departmental / Divisional Records Managers are responsible for:

Records Management

  • Ensuring that the College's Code of Practice for the Management of Records under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is implemented across the Faculty / Department / Division and that the procedures set down in the Code operate efficiently and effectively
  • Ensuring that the Code of Practice is applied not only to paper records but all other forms of record within the Faculty / Department / Division.
  • Overseeing the use of College records management databases to list and track Faculty / Departmental / Divisional records
  • Ensuring that records held by the Faculty / Department / Division are disposed of in accordance with the retention schedules set out in Annex G in this Code of Practice, in a confidential manner where necessary, and confirming that the destruction details have been entered into the records management database.
  • Liasing with the Corporate Records Unit on behalf of the Faculty / Department / Division.
  • Informing the Corporate Records Unit of staff changes within the Faculty / Department / Division, and informing staff of their own responsibilities in records management.

Freedom of Information

  • Ensuring that all requests for information are passed on promptly to the Central Secretariat and that systems are in place for checking, and, if necessary, redirecting the post and electronic mail of staff absent from College.
  • Assisting the Corporate Records Unit in locating and retrieving information.
  • Assisting the Central Secretariat in drafting the College's response to a request and preparing the information in a suitable form, electronic or physical, for disclosure to the applicant.
  • Informing the Central Secretariat of changes to any information covered by the Publication Scheme, including changes to URL addresses.

List of Faculty, Department or Division Records Managers

Most of the Data Protection Coordinators in the College also deal with queries regarding Freedom of Information and Records Management too. A list of the current Data Protection Coordinators can be found above. For general queries about Data Protection or Freedom of Information please contact Jessica silver, the College Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officer (j.silver/ x49903).