Erasmus +In early 2014 Imperial was awarded an  Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). The Charter commits the College to exploring and engaging with the wide range of international mobility opportunities presented by the new and expanded Erasmus programme (Erasmus+). 

Information on Imperial's strategy for engaging with the new Erasmus+ programme can be found in the recent Erasmus Policy Statement.

Erasmus+ focuses on three Key Actions:

  1. Mobility of Individuals;
  2. Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices; and
  3. Support for Policy Reform.

The Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities relating to:

  • International Mobility for Students: study periods and research placements abroad (both incoming and outgoing students);
  • International Mobility for Staff: training and teaching opportunities;
  • New and existing Strategic Partnerships; and 
  • International knowledge alliances.


Please note that the result of the UK referendum on EU membership has no immediate effect on UK applications to Erasmus+ or on UK participation in current approved Erasmus+ activity.  This has been confirmed by Jo Johnson, Minister of State for Universities and Science and also by the European Commission.  In other words, Imperial’s academic staff and students can continue to apply to, participate in, and receive EU funding under both Key Action 1 and Key Action 2.  This will remain the situation for at least the next two years, until the conclusion of the UK’s exit negotiations with the EU. 

Contacts and Further Information

For more information about opportunities presented by Erasmus+ please contact: