High Performance Computing (HPC) Service Support Team

 Our High Performance Computing (HPC) Service Support Team, runs, maintains and administers HPC facilities. Depending on the research need, use of Imperial College London's HPC facility may be offered free of charge or, where specialist equipment or features are required, either provided at cost or procured.

Advice and support for researchers

Researchers planning projects supported by HPC should get in touch to discuss the best system for requirements. Our team will also ensure that users have the minimum basic Linux programming skills required to use the system.

Purchasing advice

The HPC Team offers advice on the purchasing of HPC equipment, including the specification, sizing, architecture and configuration of HPC systems. We will work with you to determine the computational requirements of your programs and create an appropriate system specification to match. We have contact with a variety of HPC suppliers and can obtain quotations for equipment and negotiate on your behalf.

Strong relationships with a variety of HPC suppliers mean that we can ensure value for money - obtaining quotations and negotiating on advantageous pricing.

We can also help with tender documents, reviewing bids, shortlisting and making the final decision.


The HPC Team can arrange training courses for HPC users. Courses are scheduled in response to demand and delivered via a professional trainer. Courses are tailored to the needs of Imperial HPC users and, where possible, arrangements are made for GSEPS accreditation.


For access requests and support issues please contact:


For general matters, please contact:

Matt Harvey, Acting HPC Manager:


+44 (0)20 7594 7233