There are two services that you can use to access the College network from a mobile device: Acronis Access and Airwatch.

Acronis Access

Mobile remote access Acronis Access enables you to access your Home directory (H: drive) from tablets and mobile phone devices (iOS or Android) offering the same level of convenience as products like DropBox or Google Drive but with better security.

You can access H: drive content using your College username and password and copy, view, edit and save files on the move. Data accessed via your device is encrypted and inaccessible without authentication. Whole directories can be synced, or individual files can be copied for offline viewing. Acronis Access is available for Apple devices running iOS. Android devices are also supported with reduced features.

Download and install on:

Asset management & security: Airwatch

Airwatch has a simple registration process that allows the automatic setup of applications, email, VPN and eduroam WiFi on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Following setup, you can download apps on demand. In addition to the features previously mentioned, Airwatch can track your device and, should your smartphone or tablet be stolen, can wipe your data remotely on request.

Departmental administrators and the ICT Department can use the system to install apps remotely. The system also allows bulk licences paid for by departments. To register contact your local ICT Service Support Team or log a request via the ICT Service Desk.