While the scan to email service is free, we do charge for printing and photocopying (see Printing costs).

Instructions for payment differ for students, staff and guests at Imperial College London and are laid out below.

Buy print and photocopying credit


Your department may have given you a printing allowance at the beginning of the year but if you run out you can top up your print credits using the following methods.

Using your credit or debit card (ePay)

  1. Go to https://ictprintservice.imperial.ac.uk then select Login to view your ICTprintservice account.
  2. Select the ePay option.
  3. Enter your College email address and the amount of money you wish to transfer in pounds (GBP). The amount must be a whole number between £5 and £50.
  4. Click Accept to be taken to the WorldPay website.
  5. Follow the WorldPay on-screen instructions.

You will receive a Shopper confirmation email from WorldPay when your purchase has been successful.

All credit and debit card transactions are handled by WorldPay via a secure link. No credit card information is kept by the College on any system. If you experience a problem when using the WorldPay service, contact the ICT Service Desk and attach a copy of your Shopper confirmation email.

Using cash

You can top up your print credits using cash either via the top-up credit machines or over the counter.

Top-up credit machines are located in the following places:

  • Level 1, Central Library, South Kensington Campus
  • Level 2, Library, Reynolds Building, Charing Cross Campus
  • Library, Commonwealth Building, Hammersmith Hospital
  • Library, Research Building, St Mary's Campus
  • Library issue desk, Silwood Park Library

You can pay over the counter in the following places:

  • Library issue desk, Chelsea and Westminster Library, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • Library issue desk, Guy Scadding Building, Royal Brompton Hospital


As a member of staff, any printing or photocopying you do at a touch card printer is billed to your department at the end of the month. If you need to set up your print allowance, contact your Departmental Representative.

Your Departmental Representative will send the following information to the ICT Service Desk:

  • Your CID or username.
  • The finance code that should be billed e.g. ABCD-G0000-163116. Only F or G codes can be used for printing allowances. Project codes are not suitable.
  • The type of allowance you require (unlimited monthly allowance, limited monthly allowance, period allowance).


Staff and students can arrange for a guest account to be set up for visitors to Imperial College London. Visitors with an active guest account can use the same methods as listed above for students to purchase print credits. Find out more at: Visitors and guests.