Developing our distinctive educational experience, adopting modern evidence-based teaching methods and using fresh approaches to assessment and feedback

The development of a new College-wide Learning and Teaching Strategy is now underway. This aims to bring modern and fresh approaches to the educational experience across College. From evidence-based teaching methods through to new approaches to assessment and feedback, the new Strategy will be key to delivering excellence and innovation in education.

Considering the ways in which technology can be used to enhance our education will also feature as a priority over the coming months. We aim to realise the potential for positive change in education delivery that online learning innovations can bring, at the same time as supporting staff who are already innovating in this area.

We will also be focusing on how we reward and develop staff who deliver excellence and innovation in education and those who will play a key role in championing these changes.



"The development of the new Learning and Teaching Strategy will require participation across College from all of those engaged with supporting and delivering learning and teaching. It will include a far reaching discussion of how we create an academic community with students as partners, what and how much our students need to learn, how we prepare our students well for professional life after university and how we assess their learning outcomes”

Simone Buitendijk
Vice-Provost (Education)




Do you have a particular example of good practice in learning and teaching you’d like to share with us?

We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in contact with a member of the team below.

Professor Simone Buitendijk  Vice-Provost (Education)
Emma Caseley  Head of Strategic Projects
Nas Andriopoulos  ICU President
Luke McCrone  ICU Deputy President (Education)