The Space Sharing policy articulates and clarifies College policy regarding the use of shared space, and in particular defines rights, obligations, and expected norms. It has been identified as a strategically important policy for underpinning the Space Policy Framework and its subsidiary policies, in particular academic and examination timetabling, and room booking. 

Space Sharing Overview

Dalby Court

Policy Goals:

  • Reduce barriers to more Collegiate and broad based use of shared spaces;
  • Provide unambiguous clarity about how shared space use is prioritised;
  • Protect Academic Department identity while providing highly permissive use of Shared Spaces physically located within departments;
  • Clarify how non-academic spaces such as staff training rooms are shared.

The Space Sharing policy:

  • Defines an order of precedence relating to the booking of space based on its primary purpose, whether for teaching or non-teaching events;
  • Ensures that Shared Spaces are used effectively for their primary purpose, while otherwise maximising availability for wider Collegiate use, by using scheduling windows linked to the Academic year;
  • Recognises the importance for flexible short notice access to Bookable Spaces and the process to access these;
  • Defines the obligations of individuals and groups using Shared Spaces;
  • Defines the obligations that Home Departments have in respect of Shared Spaces, both that which is physically located within their allocated buildings and shared College spaces;
  • Outlines an escalation path for resolution if situations arise that cannot be resolved by the application of the principles outlined in the policy
  • Gives clear examples of Collegiate practices that facilitate the goals of the policy.

Consultation Timeline

  • Presentation of highlights to VPAGE and Faculty Committees – September 2016
  • Update following initial consultation – October 2016
  • College-wide consultation – November 2016
  • Presentation and approval by Provost’s Board – December 2016


The Space Sharing Policy will be reviewed in November 2017.