The College has committed to developing a set of institution-wide policies, designed to bring transparency to the use and management of College space.

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The Space Policy Framework and subsidiary policies have been developed with input from staff and student stakeholders from across the College, including in depth ‘voice of’ sessions. 

In the Consultation section, you will find the subsidiary policies which are currently open for comment from all College members. Once polices have been approved by the Provost's Board, they will be moved to the Space Sharing Policy Bank.  


These pages provide a reference point for College-wide policies related to the sharing of spaceIn the Space Sharing Policy Bank, you will find the Space Policy Framework and subsidiary policies, which have been approved by the Provost's Board. All policies will be reviewed at least annually to ensure they remain relevant.

The following named subsidiary policies interpret and clarify how the Framework's overarching principles apply to specific aspects of College business, including: 

  • Space Sharing - Approved;
  • Academic Timetabling - Approved;
  • Room Booking - Under development (consultation expected to commence in May 2017);
  • Access & Security - Under development (consultation expected to commence in May 2017);
  • Space Charging - Under development (consultation expected to commence in June 2017);
  • Examination Timetabling - Under development (consultation expected to commence in August 2017).

Space Policy Framework

The Space Policy Framework comprises 6 strategic objectives and 10 overarching principles, outlined in the diagram below. 

Space policy diagram

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