The staff recruitment project aims to fulfil a key strategic aim of the College to build a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff community across all disciplines, functions and activities.

Programme Overview

The Recruitment Programme aims to examine the processes around how recruitment is managed across the recruitment life cycle at Imperial. The project aims to implement a new recruitment system and review and redesign administrative processes to improve the candidate, recruiter and academic support staff experience

Project Objectives

  • Improve internal user experience; Recruiting Manager and Recruiting Administrator
  • Streamline business processes
  • Introduce administrative efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Reduce time to recruit
  • Improve Management Information
  • Use KPIs to monitor and measure effectiveness of Imperial Recruitment
  • Improve College brand and image

Project FAQS

Why are we getting a new Recruitment system?

Substantial work was undertaken throughout 2012 to ascertain whether or not the current Oracle iRecruitment system could meet the College’s needs. Each function of the system was reviewed with departmental representatives, however it was determined that the system would be unable to meet College’s needs and that an alternative was required.

What will the project deliver?

  • Implementation of a new recruitment Operating Model
  • New recruitment process maps
  • Implementation of a new recruitment system (Talent Link)
  • Delivery of a Candidate Portal (website) for prospective employees to search, apply for and monitor applications for vacancies at Imperial College.
  • Feeds of data from ICIS HR to the new Recruitment system and back to integrate the Recruitment platform into College’s HR systems.

When will the new system go live?

Summer 2017

How can I get involved in the project?

If you would like to get involved in the project please contact roland.john@imperial.ac.uk or j.orourke@imperial.ac.uk

Will the current paper-based system for second approvals be replaced?

The current paper-based process will continue, however, there will be a series of Rapid Improvement Events to review and improve the current approval process

Project Board

Project Board