At the time of the 2016 Fellowship announcement, 84 members of Imperial staff, or individuals who have an ongoing association with Imperial, are currently Fellows or Honorary Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Department of Aeronautics

Professor Peter W. Bearman, Emeritus
Professor John M. Graham
Professor Mike Leschziner

Department of Bioengineering

Professor Anthony Bull
Professor Richard Kitney
Professor Molly Stevens (also from the Department of Materials and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Professor Claire Adjiman
Professor Dame Julia S. Higgins
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey F. Hewitt
Professor Andrew Livingston
Professor Geoffrey Maitland
Professor Constantinos Pantelides
Professor Stratos Pistikopoulos (honorary)
Professor Stephen Richardson

Emeritus Professor Roger W.H. Sargent
Professor Nilay Shah
Professor Nina Thornhill
Professor William A. Wakeham (visiting)
Professor Michael Streat (visiting)

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Nick Buenfeld
Emeritus Professor John B. Burland
Professor Dick Chandler (Emeritus)
Professor Patrick J. Dowling (visiting)
Professor Ahmed Elghazouli
Professor David Fisk
Professor Richard Jardine
Emeritus Professor David A. Nethercot
Professor David M. Potts
Professor Washington Ochieng
Emeritus Professor Tony M. Ridley
Dr Jean Venables (visiting)
Emeritus Professor Howard S. Wheater
Dr Tom A. Wyatt (Emeritus)

Department of Computing

Professor Jeff Kramer
Professor Wayne Luk
Professor Stephen Muggleton
Professor Daniel Rueckert
Professor Morris Sloman
Professor Guang-Zhong Yang

Department of Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Nigel Brandon
Professor Jan Cilliers
Emeritus Professor John Hudson
Emeritus Professor G Rex Davis

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Emeritus Professor Igor Aleksander
Emeritus Professor Anthony Constantinides
Emeritus Professor Ernest M. Freeman
Professor Ron Hui
Emeritus Professor David Mayne
Emeritus Professor Jim McDonald
Emeritus Professor Robert Spence
Professor Richard Syms
Professor Christofer Toumazou
Professor Eric Yeatman

Centre for Environmental Policy

Professor Sir Gordon Conway, Honorary Fellowship

School of Professional Development

Lord Robert Winston, Honorary Fellowship

Department of Materials

Professor Neil Alford
Professor Fionn Dunne
Professor Sue Ion (visiting)
Professor William Lee
Professor Robin Grimes
Professor Mary Ryan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Andrew Amis
Professor Tony Atkins (Visiting)
Professor Peter Cawley
Emeritus Professor Nicholas Cumpsty
Emeritus Professor Brian Davies
Emeritus Professor Samuel Eilon
Professor David J. Ewins
Emeritus Professor Peter Grootenhuis
Professor William Jones
Professor Anthony J. Kinloch
Professor Michael Lowe
Professor Andrew McNaughton (Visiting)
Emeritus Professor S. Alan V. Swanson
Emeritus Professor Roderick A. Smith
Professor Hugh Spikes
Professor Alexander Taylor
Professor Jianguo Lin
Emeritus Professor J Gordon Williams

Department of Physics

Professor Steve Cowley
Emeritus Professor Gareth Parry

Department of Surgery and Cancer

Professor Sir Lord Ara Darzi

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Professor Jeff Magee

Past Rectors

Emeritus Professor Sir Eric Ash, FREng
Professor Sir Keith O'Nions
Lord Ronald Oxburgh, Honorary FREng
Sir Richard Sykes, Honorary FREng