Group members and who we work with


PhD Students

Cohort 1 (2013-16)

Mr Samuele Grandi

grandi Email:
Supervisor: Prof Ed Hinds
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Samuele works on the Novel atom-photon interface using individual molecules coupled to a waveguide project in the Centre for Cold Matter. 

Mr Moritz Hambach

Moritz Email:
Supervisors: Dr Mike Tarbutt, Dr Ben Sauer 
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Moritz works on the Cold Molecules project in the Centre for Cold Matter.

Mr Allan Johnson

Allan Johnson Email:
Supervisors: Prof Jon Marangos, Prof John Tisch 
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Allan works on the Frontiers of Few-Cycle Laser Pulse Compression project in the Laser Consortium.

Ms Paloma Matia-Hernando

Paloma Email:
Supervisors: Prof John Tisch, Prof Jon Marangos
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Paloma works on the Novel Ultraviolet and Vacuum-UV ultrafast sources project in the Laser Consortium.

Mr Frederik Dieleman

Frederick Email: 
Supervisor: Prof Stefan Maier 
Personal page

Frederik works on the quantum properties of plasmon nanowaveguides project.

Advisory Board

The FQT will be supported by an advisory board comprising the Head of the Physics Department, the Dean of the Imperial College Graduate School, representatives from our associate partner institutes and senior international scientists. The external board members are:

  • Professor Anton Zeilinger - University of Vienna
  • Professor Artur Ekert - Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
  • Professor Gerard Milburn - The University of Queensland
  • Professor Patrick Gill - NPL
  • Dr Bill Munro - NTT Basic Research Lab