Ali Al-Menhali

Supervisor: Dr Samuel Krevor
Current research project: Wetting and multiphase flow properties of CO2-brine-rock systems for CCS and EOR
Funding source: Qatar Petroleum

Benaiah Anabaraonye

Supervisors: Prof JP Martin Trusler, Dr John Crawshaw
Project: Experimental and Modelling Studies of Reservoir Minerals Dissolution Following CO2 Injection
Funding source: Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC)

Vitali Avagyan

vitali avagyan Supervisor: Prof Richard Green
Current research project: Generating portfolio risk and optimal portfolio selection for UK electricity industry
Funding sources: Imperial College Business School; Luys Foundation

Maartje Boon

Supervisor: Dr Samuel Krevor
Current research project: Observations of Reactive Transport in Porous Media in 3D with Applications to Understanding the Role of Heterogeneity
Funding source: Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC)

Renato Cabral

renatoSupervisor: Dr Niall Mac Dowell
Current research project: A quantification of the value provided by flexible oxy-combustion CCS to the UK energy system
Funding source: Capture Power and Grantham Institute NERC DTP

Claudio Calabresse

claudio calabrese Supervisors: Prof JP Martin Trusler; Prof Geoffrey Maitland
Current research project: Viscosity and Density of Reservoir Fluids under CO2 Addition;
Funding source: Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC)

Clementine Chambon

clementine chambon Supervisors: Dr Paul Fennell; Dr Jason Hallett
Research project: Economical biorefining of waste biomass using ionic liquids
Funding source: Imperial College PhD Scholarship; Climate-KIC; Grantham Institute

Peter Clough

peter clough Supervisor: Dr Paul Fennell
Current research project: Sorbent enhanced reforming of biomass
Funding source: DTA (Doctoral training award) EPSRC

Constanza (Coni) Cumicheo Melgarejo

Supervisors: Prof Nilay Shah, Dr Niall Mac Dowell
Current research project: : Combination of biomass, natural gas and CCS for negative emissions
Funding source: Conicyt-Imperial Scholarship

Lorena dos Santos de Souza

lorena dos santos de souza Supervisor: Prof Martin Trusler
Project: Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture by Low-Temperature Separation
Funding source: Science Without Borders-CSF

Florence Gschwend

florence gshwend Supervisors: Dr Paul Fennell and Dr Jason Hallett
Research Project: Remediation of metal contaminated waste wood for biorefining
Funding source: Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment and Climate-KIC

Clara Heuberger

clara heuberger Supervisor: Dr Niall Mac Dowell; Dr Iain Staffell; Prof Nilay Shah
Current research project: Flex-EVAL - Valuing flexibility in CCS power plants
Funding source: IEA

Thomas Hills

thomas hills Supervisors: Dr Paul Fennell and Dr Nick Florin
Project: CCS in the cement industry
Funding source: Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, Climate-KIC, and Cemex Research Group AG

Shaochen Huang

Supervisors: Dr Jason Hallett, Prof Martin Trusler
Project: Investigations of Thermophysical Properties of Ionic Liquids for Carbon Capture
Funding source: Self-funded

Clea Kolster

clea kolster Supervisor: Dr Sam Krevor; Dr Niall Mac Dowell
Current research project: Multi-scale modelling and analysis of dynamic CO2 injection and storage.
Funding source: Grantham Institute NERC DTP

Peter Lai

peter lai Supervisor: Dr Samuel Krevor
Current research project: Reactive transport
Funding source: Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC)

Duncan Leeson

duncan leeson Supervisors: Prof Nilay Shah; Dr Paul Fennell; Dr Niall MacDowell
Current Research Project: Improving the heat recoverability of petroleum refinery separation processes
Funding source: Joint funded by Department of Chemical Engineering and Shell Global Solutions

Anna Panteli

anna panteli Supervisors: Prof Nilay Shah; Dr Sara Giarola
Current research project: Biorenewable value chain optimization with multi-layered value chains and advanced analytics.
Funding source: Renewable Systems Engineering (RENESENG) – FP7 Marie Curie project

Catriona Reynolds

cat reynolds Supervisors: Dr Samuel Krevor and Prof Martin Blunt
Current research project: Investigating how fluid properties affect relative permeability between CO2 and brine in sandstones
Funding source: Departmental Scholarship funded by EPSRC

Olivia Sloan

Supervisors: Dr Sam Krevor, Dr Niall Mac Dowell, Dr Jerome Neufield (Cambridge)
Current research project: Combined CO2 storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the North Sea; Rock heterogeneity and flow in geologic systems with low flow potential – applications to subsurface CO2 injection
Funding source: NERC CDT

Weparn Julian Tay

Supervisor: Prof Martin Trusler
Current research project: Thermophysical Properties of Hydrocarbons with Dissolved Gases
Funding source: DTA (Departmental Scholarship)- EPSRC

Marios Vlachodimitriopoulos

marios vlachodimitropoulos Supervisor: Prof Richard Green; Prof Goran Strbac
Current research project: Valuation of Flexibility in Portfolios with High Degree of Renewable Supply
Funding source: EPSRC

Joseph Yao

joseph yao Supervisor: Dr Paul Fennell and Prof Geoffrey Maitland
Current research project: Biomass combustion with in-situ CO2 capture using calcium looping
Funding source: EPSRC (College Prize)